Muve corporate branding adelaide thunderbirds
Why and who should consider corporate branding on a MUVE insulated water bottle or travel mug
  • Build brand awareness
  • Sell in your retail store, salon, gym, school, health or beauty clinic
  • Client on-boarding or gifting
  • Staff care packs
  • Event gift bags
  • Charity and fundraising

Why MUVE over other promotional merchandise?

  • Because everyone loves a drink bottle or travel mug
  • Because it is something everyone uses and will take everywhere with them
  • Because it is a high-quality luxe product, they will have and use for years
  • Because we use a laser etcher over a printer like most other branding services, meaning your logo will last as long as our bottle (approximately 12 years)!
  • Because you’re doing a good thing for our planet, by choosing a MUVE eco-friendly bottle and travel mug, you’re choosing to save the planet by reducing the amount of plastic going into to landfill.
  • Because you’re doing all of the above and all while advertising your brand and business!

Want to know more or work with us? Of course you do! Contact our friendly team using the Corporate Branding Order Form and we will get in touch with you for a quote and more details on our branding service!

Before filling out our corporate branding order form, please consider the following:

  • The minimum order size for MUVE corporate wholesale pricing and orders is 25 units combined.
  • All logos must be provided as .ai (Illustrator) format. If you do not have this format, please get in touch with the format you have, and our designer in most cases can assist with adjusting your logo.
  • Standard lead time for order completion is 3-7 business days from date of approved proof. Orders over 100 units will vary in completion time.
  • Upon approval a 50% deposit is required. The balance is required upon order completion, prior to dispatch.
  • Shipping will be quoted based on your order and delivery requirements. The option to use your own courier is accepted.
  • Logos are engraved onto our bottle using our in-house laser etching machine and at this point in time we cannot offer colour for logo’s. All logo’s will be in silver, which is the colour of our stainless bottle, underneath the powder coating. 

If you have further questions regarding a branded order, or you are unsure about any of the details below, please contact our team via email and we will be more than happy to assist further!