Muve eco friendly water bottle

Did you know, 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year in Australia?

On average, switching to a MUVE bottle will save 300 plastic bottles per person.

Our goal is to motivate our consumers to consciously lead a healthy lifestyle & provide practical, sustainable & innovative products! We’ve created MUVE eco-friendly & insulated stainless-steel bottles that you and mother nature will love!

We’ve also taken the worry out of leaks, spills and nasties to you and our planet, while making sure that hot stuff that needs to stay hot & cool stuff that needs to stay cool will do as intended and serve you well!

At MUVE, we are conscious of our environmental footprint and want to do our bit by providing a replacement to your single-use plastic water bottle, or single use takeaway coffee cups, we’ve even gone as far as creating recyclable and up-cyclable packaging!

When you choose MUVE products you are choosing to save the planet by reducing the amount of plastic going into to landfill.

Will you make the MUVE?