• 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year in Australia.

• It takes 3 litres of water and ¼ litre of oil to make a single use 1L plastic water bottle ready for sale.

• On average using a MUVE bottle will save 300 plastic bottles per person.

• Only 25% of the plastic bottles produced are recycled globally.

• It takes 450 years for 1 plastic bottle to decompose.


Before Use:

Wash your Muve bottle and/or straw with warm soapy water. Our lids are dishwasher safe. 

Big No No's! 

Don't Put your MUVE through the dishwasher or soak the exterior in hot water:
The dishwasher can get hot enough to affect the insulation property of your MUVE bottle,
as well as discolour the powder coat.
Similarly, soaking your entire flask in hot water can discolour the powder coat.
Don't Put your MUVE bottle in the freezer: Due to the double wall vacuum insulation,
the water inside will be protected from the temperature inside the freezer and won’t freeze.
If you want ice cold water, put some ice cubes inside your flask and notice how long it takes them to melt!
Don't Put your MUVE Bottle on the stove: Due to the double wall vacuum insulating property of the
MUVE bottle, outside temperature will not change the inside beverage temperature.
If you put your flask on any sort of stove or heat source, the heat will damage the outside of the bottle.
Don't Use bleach or chlorine to clean our products. Those chemicals will ruin and rust stainless steel,
therefore they should not be used on our products.


• Fill your MUVE bottle to the max with Ice and then add water.
This will create a massive internal ice block over time. Continue to top up with water throughout the day.
• Add a capful of cranberry or lemon to help increase your water consumption
• Buy a sipper lid or pop-top lid for the gym.