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Safety & Behavioural Guidelines

Community and behavioural guidelines

MUVE is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone that uses our platform. Please take the following into consideration when using MUVE. Regardless of whether you are a driver or a rider, violating these guidelines may result in immediate account termination:

It is important to note that most drivers will be using their own privately owned vehicles, therefore, in the interest of your driver as well as fellow riders, please make sure to clean up after yourself. Additionally, under no circumstances should you act in a way that may result in damage to the vehicle.
  • You will meet people from all different walks of life, therefore it is important to acknowledge those differences and be respectful towards each other.
  • Be mindful of personal space and under no circumstances should you ever touch other riders or drivers without consent. MUVE would like to emphasise that there is to be no sexual relationship between drivers and riders regardless of the circumstances.
  • MUVE has a strict zero-tolerance policy. MUVE drivers, while active on the driver app, are prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs. In addition, to ensure the comfort and well-being of fellow drivers and riders, smoking is also prohibited.
  • Drivers are expected to comply with all road rules as established by their respective states, and always remember to use a reliable phone mount whilst active on the driver app.
  • Please ensure that your seatbelt is fastened as soon as you get in the car.
  • All riders must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • MUVE will proceed to investigate upon receiving reports of any actions that violates our community and behavioural guidelines. Depending on the severity of the action in question, MUVE may immediately terminate your access to our platform.
For Drivers


In providing excellent customer experience, it is crucial that you maintain cleanliness and sanitation of your vehicle. Remember, riders can rate and provide feedback on the experience that you have provided to them, which may consist of not only your driving style, ability to select an efficient route, but also cleanliness of your vehicle.

Whilst uniform is not required by MUVE, drivers must dress appropriately and be presentable at all times. This means no obscenities, offensive or otherwise controversial logos, slogans or phrases on the person’s clothing. This also applies to any accessories your vehicle may have. Whilst MUVE respects everyone’s rights to freely express their opinions, we feel that it is just as important for both the driver and the rider to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst journeying.

First and foremost, MUVE would like to remind you, the driver, to prioritise the safety of your vehicle and its passengers, including yourself, at all times. This means following road rules and driving in a manner that will enable you to prevent and/or predict dangerous situations. Please maintain the safety of your vehicle and your passenger, pedestrians, as well as other road users when picking up and dropping off riders.

We would like to remind drivers once more that a clean driving record is paramount to MUVE. We will not tolerate drivers who disregard the safety of the passengers as well as other road users. MUVE, at its discretion, may disable and/or terminate a driver’s access to our services, if a breach of this policy occurs.
Drugs and Alcohol

As per our Zero Tolerance Policy, MUVE will not tolerate drivers driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other prohibited substances. Upon receiving reports of such behaviour, MUVE will endeavour to uphold our Safety-First policy through detailed investigations. This also applies to fines and charges relating to the use of drugs and alcohol whilst driving against the driver from competent authorities. Furthermore, to ensure comfort and well-being of our users, smoking whilst driving is also prohibited.
Use of Mobile Phone

Whilst MUVE understand that the use of mobile phones is an essential part of your service, please ensure that you only interact with the mobile device once the car is stationary and with the ignition turned off. Furthermore, once moving, please do not touch the mobile device as this is against the law. Muve would like to remind drivers again that fines and charges for breaching laws relating to the use of mobile phones whilst driving may result in the driver’s access to our services be disabled and/or terminated.

Whilst MUVE applauds drivers in ensuring that all users have access to great customer experience, even during late nights and early mornings, we urge you to never drive whilst fatigued or tired. Not only will you become a potential road hazard due to reduced attentiveness and reaction time, riders can rate you poorly due to the experience that you have provided and may even report you for dangerous driving. For the benefit of the community and to avoid having access to MUVE as a driver removed, please avoid driving whilst fatigued.
Emergencies, Recovering and Reporting Incidents
  • In the event that you are involved in an incident, and if able, assess for trapped or injured persons. Call 000, stop and provide assistance to anyone who is injured if it is safe for you to do so.
  • If you require police to direct traffic or deal with hazards, or if a driver involved appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you must immediately contact the police respective of state.
  • If the presence of emergency services is not required and you and the involved party(s) has exchanged details, contact your insurer or a towing company to arrange for your vehicle to be towed, if need be, then proceed to leave the crash site. In the event that a driver involved fails to exchange details, you must immediately contact the police.
  • If you are involved in any incidents, you must forward all reports and information to MUVE for further assessments.
Appealing against account termination

Here at MUVE, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why regardless of whether you are a driver or a rider, you still reserve the right to appeal for your account to be reactivated. However, depending on the severity of the violation, your account may remain deactivated at MUVE’s sole discretion.

If you wish to file an appeal and have your account reactivated again, please send us an email and our team will review the consequences resulted from the violation. We will contact you with the outcome via email.

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