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Rider Privacy Statement

Muve is committed to protecting your privacy and online presence. By using our services, you are agreeing to the terms as outlined in this Privacy Policy (herein referred to as “Policy”).
Scope and Application

This Policy apply to information we collect from or about persons who uses Muve as a rider. If you are identified as both the Rider and the Driver, the respective Privacy Policies apply depending on your interactions.

Muve collects information about you when you use or engage with our mobile apps, websites, and other online products and services (herein referred to as the “Services”) and through other interactions and communications you may have with us.

This Policy applies to all Riders and the information collected and used by Muve. This Policy also applies to persons and/or entities requiring/requesting transportations using our Services (the “Users”), apps, and any direct interactions with Muve.
Collection of Information

Information you provide to Muve:

Information we collect refers to identifiable information that may include name, telephone and/or mobile phone number, email address, home and/or work address, payment methods and notes. Other information collected and aggregated not unique to the User includes age, gender and preferences.
Information we collect through the use of our Service

Information that Muve collects about you can generally be categorised into:

Location Information: When requesting Services, we collect location data about your trips. The Muve app may also collect precise location information of your device, if permitted by your mobile operating system. Muve may also collect information about your approximate location through your IP address.

Contacts Information: Users can also permit the Muve app to access your contact book through their mobile operating system. Muve may access and store names and contact information from your contact book and communications through the use of our Services and for other outlined purposes at the time of consent or collection.

Transaction Information: Transactional information refers to information collected through the use of our Services, and may include information such as time and date of the service, payment methods, distance travelled, amount charged and other information related to the services provided, including coupons and promo codes.

Usage and Preference Information: Through the usage of our Services, Muve may collect information such as preferences and app settings. Such information may be collected through the use of cookies, pixel tags and other technologies used to create a unique identity. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information on how we do this.

Device Information: Through the use of our Services, Muve may collect information about your mobile device and its system information. Such information includes device model, operating system, software and file names, preferred language, unique device identifier, advertising identifiers, device serial number, and mobile network information.

Call and SMS Data: The Services provided by Muve facilitates for the communication and interaction between Users and Drivers. In facilitating the services, Muve may collect information detailing the involved parties’ phone numbers, call data, content of SMS messages, and time and date of calls and SMS.

Log Information: When requesting our Services, we collect server logs, which may include information such as IP address, access dates and times, app features, preferences and app crashes.
Important Information About Platform Permissions

A majority of mobile operating systems have defined categories of data that apps cannot access without the User’s consent. Depending on the operating system, the way in which the device may obtain your consent may differ. These permissions may sometime require more explanation than the operating systems themselves provide, in addition, the permissions we seek will be subjected to changes over time.
Information We Collect From Other Sources

Muve may also collect information from other sources arising from the use of our Services. Such instances include:

If you link, create, or log in with a payment provider or social media service, or if you engage with a separate app or website.
If your employer uses one of our enterprise solutions, we may also collect information about you from your employer.

Similarly to how Users and provide ratings to Drivers, our Drivers may also provide the Users with a rating after providing the services to you.
Muve may also combine and aggregate information collected from the uses of our Services in another capacity, for example a Driver that is both a User.
Use of Information

Muve may use the information collected about you to:

Provide and improve services provided, such as account enquiries, facilitating payments and sending receipts and developing new features;
Perform internal operations, such as prevention of fraud and abuse of our Services, and troubleshooting of bugs
Facilitate communications between you and a Driver through personalised information such as estimated time of arrival (ETA) and your use of certain features;

Send you communications we deemed as relevant to you, where permissible and according to local applicable laws; and
Personalise and improve the Services through methods such as social connections, referrals, and advertising.

MUVE may disclose your personal information to MUVE related entities and third party service providers that are located outside of Australia for the purposes as listed above.
Sharing of Information
Information that is collected about you may be shared:

With Drivers to enable them to provide you with the Services requested;

With other Users, instances include fare splitting, or social media sharing;

With third parties you interacted through a partnership or promotional offering;

With the general public if you engage in a public forum, or share information that is viewable by the general public; and

With third parties that you have given permission to let us share information i.e. app integration.
Other Important Sharing
Information that is collected about you may also be shared:

With affiliated entities of Muve and/or subsidiaries;

With vendors, consultants, and/or entities carrying out work on behalf of Muve

With competent authorities if disclosure of such information is required by law, regulation or legal proceedings;

In connection with, or during negotiations of mergers, sale of company assets, acquisition, restructuring, consolidation and financing;

If you consented for the information to be shared; and

Anonymously, meaning that information that are cannot be used to reasonably identify you.
Social Sharing Features

With your consent, Muve may integrate with social networks, medias, and other related tools and parties which lets you share activities through the usage of our Services with other apps, sites and media. Please refer to the privacy policies outlined by these social network services for information on how your information provided to them is handled.
Analytics and Advertising Services Provided by Others

Muve may allow others to provide services such as advertising on our behalf on the internet, and to analytical assess performance of said advertisements. These entities may use technologies to identify your device when you visit our website and use our Services.
Your Choices

Account Information
Users’ name will be shared with Drivers, however, you may amend or modify other information such as passwords, email address and payment methods. In certain cases, we may retain information about you as required by law, or for legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law.
Access rights

Requests made by the User to amend and/or modify personal data will be complied and stored in accordance with applicable laws.
Location information

Muve requires the use of location information in order to provide our Services. Disabling this feature may limit certain functions of the app. Additionally, disabling the app’s ability to access precise location will not limit the app’s ability to collect information, nor the ability to collect information about your approximate location.
Promotional communications

You may opt out from receiving promotional communications by modifying your account information. Muve may still send you non-promotional related communications that are related to your account such as Services requested by you or business related news.
Changes to Policy

This Privacy Policy is subjected to changes. In the case of significant changes to these terms, Muve will notify Users through means such as emails. Continued uses of our Services constitutes as consent to the changes. You are encourages to periodically review this Policy for updates on our privacy practices.
Contact Us

If you have any questions about the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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