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MUVE  – How to start driving
Thanks for choosing MUVE! There are a few important things that need to be taken care of before you can start driving.
It is a legal requirement for all our driver contractors to have a valid ABN, valid driving licence & the driver authorisation to contract for MUVE. Please refer to the websites below for more information:
If something is not clear or you have further questions, please call the Department of Transport and Main Roads for ridesharing and driving related questions. For questions about your work rights and ABN, please contact Australian Taxation Office or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as required.

MUVE Drivers are independent contractors and they are required to pay their own taxes, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office for details.
  1. Create an account

    You can create an account via the driver registration page or through the driver mobile application. Make sure to enter in a valid mobile phone number and email address so we can verify your account! We will also ask for your bank details. Please make sure that you double check your BSB and account number because we will use this information to send you your well-deserved earnings!
  2. Upload documents

    Once your account has been verified, we will also require some additional information about you. You must upload ALL the below mentioned documents via our website or the app:
a). Recent photograph of yourself;
b). A copy of your Australian driver’s license;
c). Photograph of the driver authorisation/accredidation from your respective state.

(A driver authorisation is required for you to be able to provide public transportation services. You may acquire this qualification through your respective state’s department of transport. You must lodge this application in person at a transport office)
d). Phototograph of your vehicle from the front showing the registration number plate;
f). Vehicle Road Safety certificate;
(You can obtain this certificate through any motor mechanics certified by your respective state’s department of transportation)
g). A copy of your insuarance policy for your vehicle that provides coverage and protection against bodily injury and property damage to yourself, your passengers and third parties.
Please note that it is your responsibility to pay for any costs incurred in obtaining the above documents.
  1. Getting Approved

    Once you have uploaded all the necessary documents, we will start assessing your application. We will let you know if there are any issues, otherwise, be on the lookout for an email congratulating you on officially becoming a MUVE driver!
  2. Start driving

    If you are successful on becoming a MUVE driver! Be sure to have a good read of our community and behavioural guidelines before you start driving just so you’ll know what we expect from our users, drivers and riders alike. On a less serious note – happy driving!

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