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You can track your earnings at any time via the driver app. MUVE will deposit your earnings – less any applicable fees – on a weekly basis. You will receive email notifications to confirm the transfer of funds. If you have any enquiries regarding your payments, please do not hesitate to contact our team via the driver support line.
Rider Payments 
Fare    KM Charge +Time Charge + Base Fare
     Trip Payment     Fare + Toll + Tips + C.C Surcharge +Booking Fee
Driver Payment - Example 01
Fare   Under $20.00
Muve Commission    0% Including GST
   Driver Payment      Fare - Muve Commission + Tolls + Tips                           
Driver Payment - Example 02
Fare   Over $20.00
Muve Commission   8% plus GST
Driver Payment       Fare - Muve Commission + Tolls + Tips                          

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