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Account Information

1. Your picture and display name
  • A profile picture will help your driver identify you when picking you up. You may upload or change your profile picture in the Profile tab in the app. The MUVE app will only display your first name so drivers will not be able to see your last name.
2. Your Payment info 
  • You may update your payment methods via the app in the Payments tab. It’s important to ensure your payment information is regularly reviewed and updated if necessary to avoid complications when requesting rides.
3. Your phone number
  • We will never disclose your phone number to drivers. If your driver wants to contact you directly, it can be done via the app where the system will mask both parties’ numbers. However, your number may be disclosed at your request.
4. Your email address
  • As part of our automated payment system, we will also send you receipts and communications via your email address.

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