10 reasons to make the switch to a sustainable plastic-free bottle.

Em is an ocean based photographer on the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. Here, she talks about the beauty of the ocean and the importance of choosing sustainable plastic-free options - such as our MUVE bottles!

The Ningaloo Reef is located in Western Australia, 1200km north of Perth. I’m so grateful everyday to call this piece of paradise home. The reef is full of life and throughout the year you have the opportunity to encounter turtles, manta rays, humpback whales, and even whale sharks!

On long days out on the water insulated bottles are essential to keep those cold drinks cold in summer, and hot drinks hot on those crisp mornings. I love the coffee cup lid from MUVE as when I grab a drink from the local coffee shop I know I’m not contributing to any single-use plastic waste.

When we are out exploring the reef, you really never know what you may see. We will often head to our favourite spots but even then you can be really surprised! One day we had a hammerhead shark cruising in the shallows, we couldn’t believe our luck! The diversity of marine life on the Ningaloo is truly amazing. However, plastic pollution threatens the health of the Ningaloo along with all other marine ecosystems.

In 2021 an estimated 583.3 billion water bottles are to be sold, and plastic water bottles take up to 1000 years to degrade... Many of these bottles end up in the environment, harming marine animals and their home. In addition to plastic water bottles harming the environment, they can also harm your health.

Plastic bottles contain chemicals, such as BPAs, that have been found to leach into the water and can mimic the effect of your hormones leading to adverse health effects. In addition, research found that the number of microplastics was twice as high in bottled water when compared to tap water.

Switching to sustainable reusable water bottles can have a huge positive impact. Through choosing water bottles such as MUVE, you reduce the amount of plastic entering oceans. MUVE Insulated bottles are way more practical and better for all your adventures!

10 reasons to make the switch to MUVE:

  1. Reduces plastic waste
  2. Protects animals & the environment
  3. Keeps your cold drinks cold
  4. Keeps your hot drinks hot!
  5. Perfect for adventures
  6. Less waste in landfills
  7. BPA free!
  8. Lowers your carbon footprint
  9. More economical
  10. Durable

Written by guest blog author, Em Hanney.

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